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Things you don't want to see next door...

April 30, 2007 - 4:46 PM

Our neighbors to the left are a bunch of college boys. 2 of them are sons of the home's owner. I think their dad made deals with them on cheap rent if they did yard work because their yard, when they bought the home, was a regular forest.

Today they were out doing some yard work... first just mowing the lawn. They then took a break to play that bean bag beer drinking game? Then you could hear a chainsaw from the other side of their house. (They were out in this pit of trees and weeds chopping down for a bonfire the other day, so I assumed they were working on the same pile.)

Then, I heard the chainsaw right next to our house.

I rushed to the window to find the 3 guys, all in shorts only, all with Pabst Blue Ribbons in their hands, and all in the process of cutting a wedge at the base of the 20 foot tall tree in between their house and our house.

I didn't know whether to watch or not.

When I am watching a movie or tv show and I kind of know something anxious is going to happen or you know something will go awry I have to stand up and move around and pace and peek and pace some more. This was no different. However, our boys were highly entertained (and distracted by the loud noise) and I figured I should watch just in case it did come straight for our house I could grab the boys quickly.

The guys noticed our watching and put on a little show of stupidity and the tree (thankfully) came crashing down right in between our two houses, a space of less than 10 feet. They showed off more stupidity and then all took chugs of their beers for a job well done.

Leave it to me, the mom, to then chat with the blond son about this that and the other and then conclude with, "Does your dad know you were doing this?" To which he responded, "No, but I did tell my mom. I hope he's not pissed."

I really wanted to take a picture for you, but I also did not want to inflate the egos any more. Oh my!

Response to Things you don't want to see next door...

  • Kathy said on May 1, 2007 - 9:00 AM

    Are you sure you don't live next door to us? I think Tim would attempt such a feat, though hopefully with a shirt on and less beer.

  • Dana said on May 1, 2007 - 9:06 AM

    Ha! :)! I think it just proves how old I am getting... I was going to say, "If they didn't look like high school boys with a chainsaw and looked like actual adults it may not have been as scary." When in essence, I think they are all 20-21 years old... I think I was also nervous since I had just seen this type of activity happen a block away but with a much larger tree (40+ ft) and at least 30 inches in diameter. They were older men, in their 40's, and they were using a bobcat tied with some rope to help guide the fall of this enormously bushy tree to land in the middle of their street. When the tree landed it shattered everywhere and the noise was intense. (If a tree falls in the forest and is within earshot for any animal, I do believe it would be heard/felt.)

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